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March 18, 2011
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I hadn't taken 3 steps into Charge stone cave before my hair got frizzy. It was sticking everywhere, so I decided to braid it for the time being. When I had finished I stepped forward.
"Come with me…" a voice behind me hissed. Before I could react I was grabbed around the neck by a slender arm. Great. The Shadow Triad, a group of 3 equally annoying men who had a habit of showing up out of nowhere and forcing me to run all over the place. This time there was only one of them, but they all dressed in the same 'ninja' fashion so I couldn't tell which one he was. Not that I had made any distinctions between the three prior to this event.

"Ugh… What the hell do you want?" I groaned.

Ignoring my comment he continued on, shoving me deeper into Chargestone cave, the deeper in the frizzier my hair got, as you may have already inferred from the name of the cave, Chargestone cave was full of rocks that were charged with electrical power. If you ran fast enough next to a stone, you could leave a wake of electrical charge behind you. Anyway back to my hair problem.¬¬ It had gotten so bad that by the time we had reached our destination that the braid unraveled itself, and my hair sprung out in all directions.

Things only got worse from there. When the single Shadow Triad member let go of me and disappeared, a figure came out of the shadows. It was N. My muscles seized up and I grabbed my Whimsicott-hairdo and held it down forcibly on my head. I couldn't say anything, nor could I step back. I was paralyzed with fear.

'What am I afraid of?' I thought to myself. The answer became more and more clear to me as N came closer and closer to me. I was afraid of him. Not in a way like you would be afraid of ghosts, but in a way that a 13 year old girl is afraid of her crush finding out about her liking him.

He was the boy who had taken away my first kiss and then said that it didn't mean anything. After remembering this I snapped out of my dizzy spell and gripped a pokeball at my waist. I stepped back and glared at him.

"Heh, relax." He said with a smile, or what I assumed was a smile, I'd never actually seen N smile, normally his face was sullen and expressionless. Somehow his strange cold, yet soft gaze calmed me. He drew closer and closer to me, I felt like I was in a trance. He grabbed my chin and tilted it upwards, making me stare into his eyes. "I'll be waiting for you near the end of the cave. Try not to get beaten by the grunts I have set up along the way." He whispered to me, his open mouth nearing my own. I didn't realize that I had my eyes closed, nor that I was opening my mouth until he pulled away and stared at me with a puzzled look. He seemed to be more puzzled with himself than I, as he muttered 'not yet' and ran off.

Yet again I was left alone in a flustered daze, confused as to why I felt this way. Maybe I really do have feelings for him… Even if I did, there was no way he could ever return those feelings. He despised humans, even the grunts he had wrapped around his slender finger he looked at with an icy, cold, and hateful stare. Thinking back to the moment we stared into his eyes I realized that he didn't look at me with the same hateful stare. Even if he didn't realize it, he had always been looking at me softly, ever since he talked to my little Ototo(Oshawott).

"Touko!" A sweet voice sang behind me. I turned around to see Bianca running towards me with Professor Juniper not far behind. We didn't chat for long, The Professor gave me a new item that would help level up my Pokemon quicker, and Bianca fluttered about not really making much sense. Professor Juniper came here to study a pokemon named Klink, and Bianca was here as a 'body guard'. Truth be told, she wasn't that confident in herself as a trainer, I think me beating her when she challenged me bummed her out. I took off into the cave to find N.


After battling through half of the cave, defeating copious amounts of grunts along the way, I decided I had had enough of playing fair. I released my entire team, not including the ones that had been worn out, so only four of them were out as of now. There was my Samurott(Ototo), my Zebstrika(Zizi), My Victini(Vivi), and my Emogla(Skyla).  We plowed through the rest of the grunts like a bulldozer. Not even bothering to listen to introductions we attacked most of the annoying pesks before they even had a chance to release any pokemon.

Finally I had reached the deepest part of the cave. I restored all of my pokemon to full health using what little medicine I had, and stepped in view of the exit.  There waiting for me, was N.

"Now battle me!" He shouted and let out a Boldore.

'Yes…' I thought sadly. Now I am no longer allowed to battle him as a rival, but as an enemy. Of all the people to fall for I had to fall for someone who is supposed to be my arch nemesis.


The battle ended quickly. I returned my pokemon, and stood there, staring at him. I couldn't read his expression. Quick as lightning, he was in front of me, holding my chin upwards, forcing me to look into his eyes. He opened his mouth and leaned in towards mine, which was open anticipating a kiss that had been promised to me earlier.

"TOOOOOOUUUUUKKKKKUUUUU!!!!!" Bianca's voice echoed through the cave. N jerked away, and took a few steps back. Bianca ran over to where N and I stood, Professor Juniper trailing behind her. I didn't hear the conversation N had with my friends. I was absorbed in my own thoughts. I spaced out. Suddenly I heard Bianca shout my name. "Touko! Are you okay?" She asked looking at me curiously.

"Y-yeah… F-fine…" I stammered.

"Are you sure?" She asked looking skeptical.

I began to blurt out random nonsense. "Yeah I'm fine! Fine as a daisy! Couldn't be better! In fact I'm gonna go to the Mistralton Gym and get a badge! Yup! I'm just fine!" And with that I bolted out of the cave, wanting to get as far away from my friends as possible.
Part two of my unexpectedly popular Ferriswheelshipping fan-fic. In fact I wasn't planning on continuing it in the first place, but I got so many faves so quickly that I felt inspired to write more. Hrm... I don't think I've ever put this much work into a pairing that didn't involve an OC... :shrug: OH AND DAMMIT SHE DIDN'T GET HER FRENCH KISS D:< Darnit Bianca! :P lol jk.
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56dragonites Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2012
Hie, I'm an older very witty gay author who gives the harhest of criticisms to sucky "fan fiction" about things I have no care for. I for one hate "Naturo"; I don't get why ALL of you obsess about Japan and write JEJUNE "Naturo" "fan fiction". If you want to get good reviews from me you must start writing about machore topics; but to do that, you must read MACHORE books; not just watch "Naturo" programs about Japanese school girls all the time. I recommend that you read Falkner, but I bet you cant even spell Falkners name you "Naturotard."
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:shakefish: WHY?! WHY THEY NOT KISS! I HATE BIANCA NOW MORE THEN BEFORE! Why Can't She Just Mind Her Own Business And Leave Hilda/Touko/White :fork:
mttmercado Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2011  Student Writer
ive seen a bunch of common pairings, like ash misty, naruto hinata, but this REALLY intrest me b/c i never thought of these 2 ever being together, it caught mw off gaurd, and i love it when it does that!and as long as you write these b/c u like to its all the better!
TheShipingQueen Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
haha NERD!!!!
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N was about to kiss Touku, wasn't he?? :meow:
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